Tired of feeling left behind, while life goes on?

Get A Healthier Body and A Stronger Mind with Simple Changes in Your Diet and Lifestyle and You Will Become The One Who Sets The Pace To Others.

I'll show you how to clear your mind, be happy, take opportunities and have a smile on your face even when you don't have any particular reason.

Hey there fellow natural healing seeker,

My name is Luis Souza and I'm a very happy and fulfilled man, who always wakes up with lots of energy and willingness to make a difference in the world with my actions. My mind is clear and I'm leading a life that is far from desperation.

But for almost all of my life I struggled with a mind that seemed to have a life of its own. Thoughts were always coming in and out as they pleased. And if I had no control over my own thoughts, you can imagine how my emotions were being turned into actions and without my consent!

So for me it’s sad to admit that my personal and professional relationships were ruined since my childhood. Although seeming to be fully physically healthy, since being a teenager I remember myself searching for meaning in life and reading self-help books and attending courses that would help me improve my condition.

I knew that I could achieve more and express a higher innate inner potential. But this pursuit, sooner or later, always turned into an obsession, with bad and positive thoughts haunting me again, no matter what technique I’d be using.

Interestingly enough I need to mention that changing my geographical place was not a solution. In fact, I lived in Germany, Italy, USA, Brazil, Japan, and traveled to other countries as well, but my messed mental state would always be my main trip companion.

Many years ago I learned that our reality is a reflection of what is happening inside of us, so you can understand that my personal and professional life weren't happening exactly the way I wanted.

I understand we need to be and stay positive, cultivating positive thoughts inside our minds. And I did my best to do that, but it never was easy to keep that routine. I always needed to keep a very hard discipline, with affirmations and things like that, in order to really feel and express myself in a positive way.

A huge breakthrough happened when I learned that we aren't our thoughts and that I needed to let them go and clear my mind in order to feel better. I did that and it was true!

I was so happy with that finding that I even wrote a book about it to share it with the world. I’m happy that the book helped many people realize the importance of living and being fully in the present moment. But, soon enough, as some of those present moments weren't the ones I expected, I realized that bad thoughts were still coming in and that I was ashamed of many of them.

I was really astonished how those horrendous thoughts would pop up in my mind. But the ability to let thoughts go away may also be very useful to reach a state of reality denial, which can ultimately be comfortable, but it's no solution at all.

Not all positive thoughts are really "good", while not all negative thoughts are really "bad".

  • How to sift through them and get only the most useful ones?
  • Or even better, how could we put an automatic system into motion that would assure that we would only deal with "relevant thoughts"?

In order to answer these questions, I have to say that after many years of research and personal experiences I think the assumption that mind and body are two separated things can be very dangerous. And asking someone to have only "positive thoughts" may be something impossible to accomplish for certain people, depending on their body's state.

I got to this conclusion because it was exactly that wrong idea that led me to search for “mind solutions”, while in fact it was through a “body solution” that I got my mind clear and exactly the way I always wanted it to be.

I was completely astonished when I made some changes in my diet and finally realized that my search was over!

Finally I got everything I needed to keep my mind clear and make the best use of it! It felt like being a knight and finding the Holy Grail after so many years struggling and searching for it!

I think that what I have here for you is so precious that it’s like the Holy Grail, because there is nothing more important in one’s life than having a clear mind. Having a clear mind is the real secret to be happy! Because one's unhappiness lies only in one's mind.

A clear mind can help you in your individual life, but even in global terms, you have to admit that we could certainly use many more clear minds! Confused and troubled minds can only cause confusion and turmoil.

That’s the reason I’m so excited to share with you

The Best Way To Clear Your Mind
  • easily
  •  and relax
  •  and think about nothing
  •  of problems
  •  from stress
  •  at night and sleep
  •  before going to bed
  •  and stay focused
  •  before a game, a test or an exam
  •  before writing
  •  before a golf shot
  •  before a race
  •  in sports
  •  to study, to read or for an essay
  •  to read
  •  when running

  •  when meditating
  •  of scary thoughts
  •  of disturbing images
  •  of doubts
  •  of negative energy
  •  of negative thoughts
  •  of bad memories
  •  and listen to god
  •  and heart
  •  for creativity
  •  during meditation
  •  during yoga
  •  of distractions
  •  from depression
  •  from the past
  •  of guilt

This short list is just a clue of how many ways you can find to improve your life when you can easily get your own mind clear and ready to face life's obstacles. Besides that I can assure you that when you can easily keep your mind clear, you will also be VERY HAPPY!

Well, I’m also sure that we could find many more uses for a clear mind! 🙂

Just to mention a big one more, think about the famous "Secret" of Law Of Attraction that states that we attract what we cultivate inside us, with thoughts and emotions, etc.

A clear mind is exactly what you need to attract the right circumstances, people and things into your life.

A clear mind is also a balanced mind that doesn't turn into harming itself with false expectations and unnecessary frightening thoughts.

A clear mind is the kind of mind that irradiates positive energy into the world.

The ancient eastern religions know and promote this truth. This is not news at all!

So what is the "new secret"?

If we agree that, while we are alive, mind and body are strictly connected, then it is easy to realize that there is no secret at all!

Basically if you want to really and deeply clear your mind, you simply need to cleanse your body first.

You can use mind techniques, yoga, meditation, mind control, hypnosis, whatever you like, but they won't be really enough while your body isn't really clean enough and getting the right nutrition.

You got your mind polluted by polluting your body first.

And as thoughts may turn into actions, little (chemical and electrical) reactions (inside our bodies) may turn into thoughts.

I got to this personal breakthrough when, after being a vegetarian for 10 years and a raw vegan for almost 1 year, a little (but very important!) fine tuning of my diet led me to a heaven on Earth state of mind!

And with such a sense of responsibility! And connection and compassion for other people and animals.

All depressive thoughts of low self-esteem, isolation, guilt, shame and even suicide that haunted me for years, were finally gone and I knew exactly what to do to put them to run away again, when and if they came back!

Best feeling in my entire life! I was really happy and felt finally safe when I realized that!!!

And by the following testimonials you can see that I'm not alone in this:

I love the energy I get from being a raw vegan as well as the mental clarity!!!

Jayme Elizabeth

Eating raw foods sets you free. You think clearer, you feel clearer, you are clearer.You feel great not just physically but mentally, too.It makes you realise what's really important in life and what you really want.Also, you look like you're shining, like the sun's flowing in your blood and you look sexy 😀 ;).

Markéta Müllerová

Coming from depression, the biggest advantage of eating raw foods is the inner happiness, connection and peace this lifestyle brings! I love it 🙂

Cecilie Malene Hjorth

The biggest advantage of eating raw foods  is the state of mind that it brings me. I'm always in a great mood, positive, happy and I have so much of it I want to share it with everybody around me! Raw food brings happiness into the world. 😀

Marina Riina

Through my job at RawVeganPower.com, these are only 4 of the many fantastic declarations that I read and hear everyday about the transformation power that a raw vegan diet has over the life of other people. And here we are only touching the tip of the iceberg by focusing just in having a clear mind.

A good raw vegan diet can lead to a clear mind that can lead to better health that can lead to better relations that can lead to a better professional and sportive performance and so on and so on and so on...

Multiple diseases can be cured, all kinds of addictions can be eliminated and a huge sense of self-knowledge and control emerges.

People on a good raw vegan diet feel liberated and set free, just as the average guy who turns into a super hero. Perhaps you can't really become a "superhero", but you can surely become a SUPER YOU!

Being "your Super You" you have a very clear mind as your main power and that's priceless.

You can take advantage of all the energy of each present moment, being able to enjoy life as never before. But you still need to understand certain concepts and create some new habits to get the best of your mind and be able to take opportunities and really improve your life with the best of your abilities.

There is a special combination of the power of raw foods with easy and simple techniques to help you anchor your mind in the present moment, being able to receive and follow inner and higher guidance.

This is what I call the RAW NOW! approach.

I'm proud to announce the release of:


Raw Now!

The Best Way to Clear Your Mind and Be Happy.
In this book, you will discover...
  • How a simple diet makes all the difference when it comes to having your mind clear.
  • The diet that I use that really helps me clear my mind.
  • The exact nutrient proportions that you need to have in your diet to be able to get lots of energy and a clear mind.
  • Lifestyle changes to help you be less stressed and much more in control of each situation that life brings to you.
  • Exercises to help you focus your mind on the present moment.
  • How to have lots of energy all the time without having to count calories and worry about gaining fat weight!
  • How to be more open and listen to the inner voice that is always trying to guide you to better solutions.
  • A very simple way to have very good and long night sleeps.
  • How to start changing your life from inside out, being able to design it really in tune with your beliefs and values.
  • The reason raw foods really help heal depression and so many other dis-eases.
  • Is it really necessary to be 100% raw vegan to keep your mind clear and have the best health?
  • And much more...
Foreword by Markus Rothkranz

Luis represents a journey we all are on, whether we realize it or not. There is only one ultimate truth, and the sooner we align ourselves with it, the more fulfilled our lives will be. All other life forms on this planet do what comes naturally and what feels right to them… except man. We keep thinking we need to improve upon nature. Why? Nature already perfected everything millions of years ago. What doesn't work isn't around anymore. All we have to do is look to nature for the answers to anything … health, peace, happiness, success, relationships …anything. The truth is simpler than we think. It is so elegant, even single-celled organisms understand it, yet we keep thinking the answer needs to be complicated, so we run around in circles driving ourselves crazy.

The answer my friends, has been inside us all along. It's not "out there". It doesn't cost money. It doesn't require hard work. We don't need to know the "right people". It doesn't take time. Everything in your life can change right now, this second. All you have to do is let go of all the chatter in your head that's been placed there by all the insecure people in your life, and let nature back in. Let the fresh air of truth cleanse your life so you can finally start living the way you were designed.

The sooner you start living your truth, the sooner you will be free to truly live.
Let Luis inspire you. You don't need to copy him. He's just showing you there is nothing to be afraid of. Follow your inner voice like he did and one day we will all meet in paradise, because that's where all roads eventually lead to… true peace.

Love and Light,

Markus Rothkranz

Who is this book for?

I wrote Raw Now! for people who:

- Are considering the raw food diet lifestyle.
- Already following some kind of raw food program.
- Struggle with negative thoughts and depression.
- Want to improve your life taking advantage of inner higher guidance.

Heres What You Will Discover
In The Book RAW NOW!

Here’s an overview of the main chapters of the book Raw Now! and their content.

inside-50px How To Find Your Life Mission
  • How I found my life mission.
  • The best tip that I can give you to find your life mission.
  • The reason having a purpose in life can help improve mental clarity.
inside-50px The Power of RAW NOW!
  • How I started taking advantage of being in the present moment.
  • How a special type of raw vegan diet can help you to keep your mind focused in the present moment.
  • The search that I went through in order to find the best way to seize the day and take opportunities.
inside-50px RAW NOW! Diet & Lifestyle
  • The diet that I follow that keeps my mind clear and focused.
  • The lifestyle changes that I recommend to improve all areas of your life.
  • Easy and simple breakfast recipes that will help you start your days with a boost in your body and brain.
inside-50px RAW NOW! Awakening Method
  • 8 easy and progressive exercises that will help you free your mind from negative thoughts and use it in a much better way.
  • Feel life and reality in a total new and positive perspective.
  • Feel One with the universe and get lots of energy from this experience.
  • Improve your spiritual connection being able to listen and follow inner guidance as never before.
inside-50px Your First Step To Take
  • The simplest and easiest step you can take to start a brand new phase in your life with lots of wonderful possibilities.
  • The best way out from the rat race and desperation life that most people live.
  • A huge sense of purpose in your everyday diet and lifestyle.
What Other People Are Saying About RAW NOW!

"Your personal story was very touching and gave a good insight into how relationships can have both a positive and negative effect upon your life journey. Having experienced much negativity in the past I can empathize with you on this and could feel exactly how you would have felt when your grandmother kept telling you "when I die......."

The recipes are fun and I love the fun titles you have given them. The self help techniques you describe are great tools that people can use to realize their greater self and invaluable if someone wants to become more conscious and happier as a person. They reminded me of some things I could improve in my own everyday life, so many thanks for that! These techniques are not about just thinking positively but instead about allowing the individual to find themselves and then achieve a positive state of being quite naturally, which of course is a very different thing.

'Have faith in faith' this is so true and we both completely understand what you are saying here, if we just allow ourselves to remain in the present and centered and know that things will always work out for the ultimate good then we have struck gold! The happiest people always seem to be the ones who espouse this kind of philosophy."

Paul and Yulia Tarbath

“You will immediately fine Luis's book RAW NOW inspiring. He tells his personal story very openly. It is simply and relatable.
His passion for bananas kept me smiling and his knowledge of how to be healthy and happy is derived from his success in curing himself from depression. RAW NOW is a good book for beginners as it's written very clearly, and old timers will appreciate it because it's always a good reminder of how wonderful life can be. This book will make you feel good and give you hope.”

Mimi Kirk
Author of

“Luis writes with conviction and passion! I felt a sense of renewal after reading his book Raw Now. Luis will take you on a journey into yourself. He begins with an honest and courageous disclosure of his own life story and will share the secrets of how he finally found his own ‘peace within’, joy and clarity of mind. Simple to follow step by step exercises will walk you through what you will need as your first strides to finding true transformation of body to a clear mind. After completing one of the exercises, I slept better than I have in weeks! Packed with easy to prepare, delicious recipes to get you started on the Raw Now Programme, this book is a must read for those who are feeling that life has become an uphill struggle or for those who feel that their physical health is just not what it should be….A great read, full of humour, wit and information – Truly Inspirational”

Michelle Firrisi
Holistic Nutritionist

Luis, your book is really a great read. I would call it "next level book for raw vegans" because its not so much about raw food but about what raw food does to your mind and body and what to do with that energy and vitality that you get. It's a glimpse of how amazing the life can be for anyone who chooses a path of low fat raw vegan diet.
After reading the book I can relate to your experience and connect with you better because you shared so much of your personal story. That was really amazing and touching to read it.

Anzhela Shurina

traudl-150x222Hi Luis, thank you for sharing your book with me. I just read it. It is fascinating. You sure are a good story teller. Your grandchildren will be happy to have a Grandpa who is great in narrating. When I started to read RAW NOW I couldn't finish until I was all through. This book is fascinating to read. Your book conveys in an inspiring way your newly found freedom and includes health tips and exercises for personal transformation. If someone is still on the fence and looking for purpose in life, should get inspiration here. The book is a pleasure to read.

Traudl Woehlke

Hey Luis, the book is great. I think many people will find it helpful and inspiring! This world needs all it can get in the way of sincere loving guidance. I think you got your message across very clearly and it has a positive feel to it. There were a lot of lines that I thought would be great quotes! Really well said and powerful. I like that you are not afraid to say there's a bunch of crap and lies floating around, and to use to word "bullshit"! Very well done!!!

Lauren Amerson

"I spent the early part of my life depressed because I didn't understand that food and the direction of your thoughts can make or break your emotional world. Luis Souza is on the right track with his new ebook, RawNow! If your mind is in the dumps, take a look, because it'll help you make the dietary and mental changes you need to get out of the doldrums."

Andrew Perlot

"Great book! It’s time for your mind to unwind and get RAW NOW! Packed with great info on how to transition into raw lifestyle that would work, not only just in theory. Spiced up with tips on how to boost your energy, lose weight, and lift up your moods, and sweetened with most volnurable personal stories on how author’s soul came out of the abys of depression into light and joy. Contagious by the power of example!
Go read it. We’ve been waiting for it. Finally a raw vegan book that talks about the power of the MIND!"

Evita Ramparte

"What I liked the most about 'Raw Now' was how inspirational it was in terms of how the raw food diet is simply the 'happiness diet'. Luis' personal story of overcoming a lifetime of low-level depression and moving into pure joy was really fun to read and so inspiring. He also puts across the simplicity of this diet and lifestyle in a unique and compelling way"

Alison Andrews

Free Yourself to Enjoy The Best of Life

Raw Now! is a book to let you free yourself to enjoy the life that you want, helping you clear your mind and make the best use of it, as well as get health benefits from raw foods.

  • Wouldn't you like to wake up everyday with a smile on your face?
  • Wouldn't you like to reach your ideal weight and keep it?
  • Do you want to have lots of energy to do your best in your work, play with your kids, have fun with your friends, practice your preferred sports and make trips to cool places?
  • Do you want to see life through a totally new and exciting perspective?
  • And how about freeing yourself from most of the stress that you feel?

Read the book and practice what you learn at your own pace. If before the end of 60 days, you aren't 100% convinced of the quality of my information, simply contact our staff at www.RawVeganPower.com. I'll personally make sure you get an immediate refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Luis Souza

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  • 1 video for each mind exercise of the RAW NOW! Awakening Method.
  • The entire 1 hour interview with Markus Rothkranz that inspired the RAW NOW! project.
  • 15 bonus interviews with other Raw Vegan Leaders who explain how much mental clarity they got with the raw vegan diet.

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